The mayor is saying it's a day-by-day situation.
"We were honestly too optimistic about reopening," Strand owner Nancy Bass Wyden said.
“These actions are gut-wrenching, but we are compelled to make them to protect the museum and its mission of research, science education, caring for our collections, and providing access for visitors."
The city would lose $9.7 billion in tax revenue over fiscal years 2020 and 2021 under a scenario in which NYC loses 475,000 jobs.
“I literally don’t know how I’m going to be able to survive.”
"If they’re going to bailout the airline, why not bail us out as workers?"
“The Strand has survived catastrophes, from the Great Depression to 9/11, and weathered the schisms in the book industry that many predicted would put us out of business. After a century of beating the odds, we won’t give up now.”
"It is indicative of a trend happening across the country at opera and choral performances—most of the venues are shutting down or cancelling performances."
McNally said in a statement they hoped to rehire the employees eventually.
'There are a lot of tears in here right now,' one former staffer said. 'But the truth is that this has felt like a long time coming, and some people are relieved to finally have an answer about what the future of the company will be.'
Less than a year after the company outsourced more than 100 manufacturing jobs to China.
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