Female attorneys were seven times as likely to mention an increase in risky drinking because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
'The governor and his family hold no special privileges over the residents and citizens of the state of New Jersey.'
He has been prosecuted for this carrying out this kind of fraud as far back as 1987.
"He’s not a nice guy, that’s the first thing we agreed on," one juror noted.
Police are investigations accusations that a famed NYC lawyer raped a woman after Rev. Al Sharpton's 60th birthday party this week.
Friends say that Morton was bipolar, and was suffering from depression due to a separation from his wife, as well as the death of both of his parents.
One 27-year-old paralegal claims her former boss is a polygamist, and she's suing him for sexual harassment for trying to convince her to become his "third wife."
A Legal Aid lawyer claims that a belligerent Bronx courtroom officer smashed her head into the wall, causing her to have a concussion.
After cops were brought in to settle the dispute over the cab fare, Imran Ansari allegedly told them, “I’m a Brooklyn ADA and I outrank you."
The attack was so bad, Soler didn't know if she was going to survive it: "She couldn’t pass air and thought she was going to die."
A Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney was arrested early this morning after he allegedly attacked an EMT worker who was trying to bring him to the hospital.
Cue the lawyer hate: It was a lawyer who left his bag in the JFK Airport lounge that caused yesterday's brief shutdown.
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