"It has to be looked at very, very carefully." Yes, he's referring to Pokemon Go.
And if they refuse, their licenses would be subject to automatic suspension.
In the endless list entitled Things That Shouldn't Require A Law But Apparently Do, we may now add "tattooing and piercing one's pet." How depressing for us.
Lyft has complied with New York regulations and will launch tonight in NYC at 7 p.m.
Sources say de Blasio's turnstile jump was just the beginning of what's being described as a petty crime "rampage."
The longtime DEP regulation that nobody knew about was repealed by Bloomberg just before he left office.
Teenagers will soon be prohibited from buying cigarettes in NYC, as part of a new bill that Mayor Bloomberg signed into law today.
Dog DNA is being used to find those who don't clean up after their dogs.
An obscure law from 1982 makes aluminum bottles illegal in New York.
In a landmark decision, the federal government decided to cancel the deportation of an immigrant in a same-sex marriage.
Police are threatening teenagers in a New Jersey middle school with child pornography charges over a sexting incident, despite recent rules that would loosen punishment for teens
Spitting can get you a fine and jail time in New York City... though it probably won't.
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