Law order

The spinoff will appear in the later season of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.'
It's 'Law & Order: Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit'
Last night, two TV worlds collided.
There's "sniper and simulated gunfire on Elk Street between Chambers and Reade Streets" today.
The actor, who films in NYC a lot, says to New Yorkers: "Sorry about the parking."
Vincent D'Onofrio and his family decided to win the 21st annual Coney Island sand sculpting contest yesterday, and so they did.
Next we hope to take the 2 train with Danielle Melnick/Tovah Feldshuh!
In the Law & Order universe, the people are represented by two separate yet not equally important groups: Those who believe the noise between scenes is "Chung Chung" and those who do not.
Watch the opening of this Thursday's show—there's even the detectives and DA's walk at the end!
One Australian "Law & Order" fan tried to use his extensive interrogation know-how to get his daughter to say she loves her dad more than her mom. Suffice to say, he's no Det. Robert Goren.
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