Law enforcement

“It’s not always simple or perfect."
An NYPD officer with a lengthy history of racist social media posts has been suspended without pay for 30 days.
A list of proposed amendments to a new internet privacy bill would allow over 22 government agencies to view our emails, Google Docs, Facebook walls and direct messages on Twitter without a warrant.
Currently the only two precincts that videotape interrogations are in the Bronx and Brooklyn, but that the increase will mean that a single precinct in each borough will do so.
City Councilman--and hopeful mayoral contender--Eric Gioia thinks the city should crack down
Photograph of protesters outside the Sean Bell shooting trial in Queens
You may recall that the original Freedom Tower design had to
The Brooklyn resident whose name caused him $2.1 million of trouble is
The orange bicycle DKNY.Com Guerilla marketing scheme, by Rollingrck at Flickr.
The hits keep coming for the NYPD. Yesterday, federal prosecutors accused a
A Bay Ridge pharmacist embroiled in a public steroid investigation appears to
Brooklyn Surrogate Court Judge Diana Johnson is the first African-American to be
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