Law department

"The test obviously didn't test anything relevant to the jobs that people were doing or being hired to do. But the city used it in many cases to demote people."
A federal judge pledged on Monday to fast-track a spate of lawsuits against New York City and the NYPD over this summer's police crackdown on Black Lives Matter protesters.
The delay seemingly stems in part from errors made by attorneys for the city's Law Department.
The ad-boat is still making frequent voyages around Manhattan, and it's unclear whether any official enforcement action has been taken.
The NYPD officer who former tennis star James Blake in 2015 has rejected a plea deal that would've allowed him to avoid a public disciplinary hearing.
Jail staff took him off of suicide watch days before he died.
As part of the deal, the Civilian Complaint Review Board will create a new position tasked with helping people navigate the complaint process.
A third of the city's households still don't have access to Fios, despite a promise made under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
He reportedly rode into a wet field and hit a rut.
They have been sued several times by people alleging false arrests.
The drug-induced erection caused "permanent injuries to his penis" because guards and medical workers denied him treatment, his lawsuit alleged.
Taxpayers have Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna to thank.
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