Laurie cumbo

A day after a CUNY student was kicked out of a contentious community board meeting, her college moved to suspend her.
Only 14 percent of the city's registered Democrats bothered voting in yesterday's primary election.
"Lower-income people have absolutely nowhere to go."
"We are extremely concerned that darkness is when everything (bad) happens."
Critics say she isn't going far enough to kill a deal they fear will accelerate displacement.
"Make it so people can't go outside of their homes the night before Labor Day. That's really what canceling it looks like."
8.4 percent of reported stranger rapes took place in for-hire vehicles in 2015.
Two of the suspects surrendered to the police, after being brought their by their parents.
The thinkable has happened.
"Such textbook apologetics and excuses for crime hearken back to a different and far worse time for New York City, as does the nauseating stench of Cumbo's classic anti-Semitic stew."
A Crown Heights councilwoman wrote an open letter this week positing that these attacks are due to long-simmering tensions between Blacks and Jews in the neighborhood.
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