Late show with stephen colbert

“We used to be the coolest place on the globe," Adams told Colbert. "We’re so damn boring now."
“I am proud to say, I am absolutely proud to say, that we are the first show back up on Broadway,” Colbert said during last night's monologue. "Suck it 'Lion King'!"
“When Trump said we were going to be sick of winning, I didn’t think he meant it literally.”
The Late Show, Late Night, The Tonight Show, Full Frontal, Last Week Tonight, and The Daily Show have all announced that they will tape upcoming episodes sans audiences.
How can we really know what did or didn't happen with the midterms if we don't first consult with the TV comedians?
'I am South Carolina's second favorite celebrity, right after the Confederate flag.'
'What was her first choice? A jacket that says, ‘Womp Womp?’'
I suffered through watching both of these clips so that some of you could avoid my fate.
He wasn't there to talk about Trump, but rather to make silly jokes about attending the Royal Wedding under Colbert's desk.
"Anybody celebrating Halloween this year is complicit! Halloween is complicit! This is not a game!"
"Litigations happen all the time, a lot of them are nonsense and you pay some small amount to make them go away. $32 million is a different story."
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