Larry wilmore

Stewart and Wilmore both came up with the same campaign slogan for Trump: "Trump 2016: Somebody's Doing The Raping."
Wilmore stumbled badly last night with a deeply misguided segment on Bruce Jenner.
Is it the best of times or the worst of times?
Wilmore comes out unequivocally on the side of the accusers. And he wants to know why people are having such a tough time believing those 35 women.
'Yeah we talk Selma, Ferguson and Eric Garner—it’s Comedy Central’s worst nightmare!'
Wilmore promised 'to only wear my Laker T-shirts when I'm layering.'
They got to the heart of what's fueling Lin's amazing play: a 3.1 GPA at Harvard. "Clearly the basketball is just an attempt to win back the love of his Tiger Mom," Wilmore concluded.
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