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An adorable pit bull puppy was stolen while on a walk with its owner last week, and police are searching for a woman who was allegedly "spotted fleeing with the dog."

An on-duty MTA custodian allegedly possessing a substance believed to be heroin was arrested this morning after police officers observed him swiping a pair of headphones from a sleeping 6 train rider.

It happened the day before the hotel closed for renovations.

This happened at Chinar on the Island on Staten Island.

An ESL teacher has admitted to fleecing her foreign students for over $40,000 with false promises of green cards.

She nearly made it out of JFK with over $5,000 in stolen cash before she was arrested last weekend, according to police.

Of course, who can blame him when members leave their KEYS HANGING ON RACKS at the gym?

An airline passenger going through security at JFK airport last night was relieved of $5,000 cash by a quick-fingered TSA officer, authorities say.

Police ordered the MTA to cut the power, and a police dog tracked the suspect to where he was hiding in an area between the Pacific and Union Street stations.