A passenger reportedly noticed someone's backpack was burning.
The suspects are entering unlocked vehicles.
Redditors shamed man with laptop on subway, man with laptop on subway RESPONDS ever so nicely.
Rapper DMX doesn't like laptops because they are "scary" and "confusing." He does find the lingo hilarious: "Computer words are funny. Like 'Google'...That's like something you call somebody, like a baby 'goo-goo' — it's weird."
In order to preserve the human race, maybe try leaving the laptop on the table, okay?
One man's tale of humiliation and defeat.
A 17-year-old teenager has been arrested for allegedly stealing over 100 laptops from schools across the city.
The police released an image of a man who allegedly robbed
Vickram Bedi and Helga Invarsdottir If a 58-year-old pianist, whose family
Photos from the East Hampton Police Department It's one thing to
Loose lips sink ships, but that does nothing for one's street
A brilliant burglar was busted by cops on Saturday using a
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