Lap dance

In the videos below, a gentleman who looks like he stumbled out of Margaritaville is invited to simulate playing the bongos upon the derriere of a young lady on the subway.
The party was held in a private room where "several kids at the party got lap dances."
Is it illegal to buy a bunch of teens lap dances as part of a surprise 16th birthday party?
We can only hope that the Albany-area nightclub will take this fight to the Supreme Court.
When you get a lap dance, do you ever catch yourself thinking, "gee whiz, this really is a fantastic dramatic and/or musical art performance"? Because according to a NY state court, nobody thinks that way.
It's getting so you can't make a sleazy living in this
A Manhattan judge decided he believes at least one of two
Alexia Moore Strippers are on trial, so the tabloids are all
A married investment broker in his 30s is suing a midtown strip
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