Landmarks preservation commission

The judge said that the approval from the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission wasn't "ripe for judicial review."
"Because of alterations to the exterior and interior of the building, it does not have sufficient historic integrity for consideration as a landmark."
The effort to landmark 227 Duffield has languished for more than 16 years and at times the property came perilously close to demolition.
'This should be a national landmark,' said Michael Higgins, an organizer at Families United for Racial and Economic Equality. 'Why can't we figure out a way to save it?'
Preservationists have been fighting for years to landmark buildings in the industrial waterfront neighborhood, which has managed to maintain most of its low-slung skyline.
Among the conditions that must be met for the city to grant the air rights is that the project must have a "harmonious relationship" with the landmarked site.
The decision reflected the Landmark Preservation Commission's push in recent years to landmark places based on their cultural and historic significance rather than purely architectural merit.
"Now, we’re in a bureaucratic straight jacket," said Wyden, who held a press conference in front of the Strand immediately after the decision.
A spot on the National Register does not prevent property owners from renovating or demolishing individual buildings, but it does make owners who meet preservation guidelines eligible for tax incentives and grants.
The block that birthed many of your old-timey favorites may soon be safe from developers.
A preservation group is asking the city to grant landmark designation to the interior of the White Horse Tavern, the legendary New York literati gathering spot that was recently sold.
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