The National Trust for Historic Preservation has called the project "hauntingly reminiscent of urban renewal strategies of the 1960s."
The Greenwich Village building was an early home to the NAACP and the predecessor to what would become the ACLU.
The collapse happened at the site of a landmarked synagogue which was devastated by a fire in 2017.
It is a sad day when corporate signage gets degraded by ads like this.
The FDNY has yet to determine what started the fire.
One of the most stunning venues in all of New York sits just off the 175th Street subway station in Washington Heights.
Even the city's most tourist-trodden places hide fascinating secrets, and now some of the rarest and strangest bits have been collected into one brilliant map.
Fraunces Tavern is amongst the sites that will get money.
Nearly 100 sites are set to be removed from consideration for landmark status in attempt to clear a "backlog" of items from the Landmark Preservation Committee's unwieldy list.
This has been a good month for New York's late, lamented restaurants.
And New York City has another "historic district."
File under: things we wish were real.
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