“There are very few landmarks in our city that link to the anti-slavery movement... only three in Manhattan. None in Upper Manhattan.”
The house served as Baldwin’s New York City residence from 1965, when he purchased it, until his death in 1987.
Owner Yair Levy, who is barred from real estate, says that the street's production of racist songs makes it unacceptable for historic designation.
On the anniversary of the neighborhood's historical designation, a new map enhances self-guided walking tours, showing the neighborhood now and 50 years ago.
It's unclear what changes are coming to the legendary watering hole.
At a public meeting, residents and the White Horse's new proprietor volleyed about possible changes to the longstanding bar.
The block that birthed many of your old-timey favorites may soon be safe from developers.
In a last-ditch attempt to fend off the city's request to designate the Strand's 1902 building a landmark, the owner of the bookshop is offering to place a historic preservation easement on her storefront.
Please note, nobody died during construction, so you probably won't be buying a haunted skyscraper—either a pro or a con, depending on your interests.
Nancy Bass Wyden says The Strand 'just need[s] to be left alone.' The city seems to think otherwise.
The pretty Astoria park opened its summer exhibition Landmark yesterday with eight newly commissioned works... one of which involves 50 comfortable chairs!
Just don't demolish it, please.
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