The city's housing authority has seen a surge in unanswered requests for repairs, making it first on Public Advocate Jumaane Williams' worst landlord list.
"I’ve never seen such a lack of human compassion. It felt so insidious that people who are affluent in their community could rationalize this."
“The government is just not providing the help that most New Yorkers need right now.”
“It’s business as usual. Nothing’s changed,” says Cynthia Chaffee of 346 East 18th Street, founder of the Stop Croman Coalition. “It’s the same goons we had to deal with.”
The bill would set up a pathway to homeownership for renters.
There were nearly 3,000 fewer Department of Housing Preservation and Development violations between 2018 and 2019—a drop of 1 percent—according to the Legal Aid Society.
The landlord in question allegedly sent numerous threatening text messages and emails to the tenant, who is an immigrant from Guyana.
No one knows just how many apartments were deregulated under the now-repealed high-rent vacancy decontrol law, and challenging an illegal deregulation 'can be very, very difficult.'
The statement comes shortly after Mayor de Blasio said city officials were planning to have "some serious conversations" with Blackstone over an agreement it signed four years ago with the city to keep roughly half of the apartments at the sprawling complex affordable.
The city’s housing preservation and development agency last week said it was 'conducting a thorough review' of a 2015 deal that provided Stuy Town's owner with $220 million in subsidies in exchange for keeping 5,000 of the roughly 11,200 units affordable.
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Ballinger said he laughed when he learned the identity of his true landlord... "Because my tiny little apartment inside a three-story apartment building in the middle of Bed-Stuy has a distant connection to Trump."
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