Landlord tenant dispute

He says a bait-and-switch left him in an apartment overlooking the Lincoln Tunnel entrance.
It sounds like a bizarre case of letting a friend crash at your place gone terribly wrong... or IS it?
The tenant apparently was nine months behind on rent and in the midst of evictions proceedings.
Shamik Walton, an off-duty Internal Affairs Bureau lieutenant, was found not-guilty of homicide in 2007. He was also cleared of all disciplinary charges by the Internal Affairs Bureau.
Reports say that the dispute was over just $100.
The Queens landlord had reportedly wanted the tenant to leave so family could move into her apartment.
An ongoing dispute between a 62-year-old Queens landlord and his 48-year-old tenant turned tragic today when Eulith "Sonny" Reid reportedly bludgeoned Hettie Patterson with a machete, and then turned the blade on himself.
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