Land use

Last week, the City Council voted to upzone the south end of the island, paving the way for nearly 4 million feet of new development, including office, hotel, and retail space near the current site of the abandoned military barracks.
“We're just keeping our fingers crossed that we will see them at least one more time here in 2021.”
Residents are still fighting against a flood protection project that requires a rebuild of East River Park.
Local elected officials are promising a legal challenge to prevent a trio of skyscrapers from rising in the Lower East Side.
One city's pile of garbage is another man's park.
Hiram Monserrate, the City Councilman who had been one of the leading
If you watch just one Community Board Meeting video this summer, make
Photo courtesy Atomische. Angry opponents to Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to develop
Last year Mayor Bloomberg announced a $3 billion plan to seize 61
Photo: Food of the Future The East Williamsburg Moore Street Retail
A state judge has shot down Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to rent sports
Earlier this year, Mayor Bloomberg announced a major plan to transform Willets
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