Firefighters were able to rescue him in under two minutes.
Why can't that giant Mr. Darcy statue be in the East River?
"Havoc" has been "wreaked" on the Lower East Side this morning following a water main break, NBC New York reports.
The man who drove his father's van into a Central Park lake was bailed out by his girlfriend and her father.
Have you ever been so mad at your father that you wanted to drive his van into the Harlem Meer in Central Park?
Photo by Ed Bahlman If you read about a dead animal
Prospect Park Lake, photo by Ed Bahlman Earlier we urged you
Yesterday afternoon an 11-year-old Long Island girl, Sarah Thalhammer, chased after
Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe is warning New Yorkers about
A television floats in Prospect Park lake. Photo by Jason Curtis.
Thankfully it's been a little while since a dead animal, or
Photo via michaelbrandon's flickr Turns out the water in Prospect Park
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