Lady liberty

Welcome to Gothamist Reviews, in which a many-year resident of our illustrious city voluntarily visits famed tourist destinations she has purposefully avoided all this time, for journalism and for kicks.
There are no images that are quite as apocalyptic as the ones when Lady Liberty first arrived here.
The Statue of Liberty is selling out this Halloween.
Here's what the Statue of Liberty looked like before turning green around 1920.
Oh, Statue of Liberty, your long, lonely days are almost done at last.
Federal funds have been allocated to fix up the island, and officials say Lady Liberty should be open by Memorial Day.
Lady Liberty's not letting a little storm keep her down. Yesterday, the Statue of Liberty's torch and crown were lit up for the first time since Sandy hit the city.
Poor Lady Liberty. After a year of extensive renovations, the National Park Service finally opened the Statue of Liberty to the public last week.
Lady Liberty's been pretty lonely since she was losed down for renovations, but very soon she'll be able to open up her doors to all the tourists this city can throw at her.
People bring the darndest weapons with them when visiting the Statue of Liberty.
The Statue of Liberty is in schedule to close this fall for a yearlong renovation project.
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