Lady gaga

Is Camp a blinking eye on your left breast? Or going Victor/Victoria?
She also jumped from the roof of the NRG Stadium.
She mentioned how she started performing at the Bitter End at age 15.
After the show it's the after party, after the party it's the hotel lobby, then round about 4 you got to clear the lobby, and after the lobby it's a party on Lady Gaga's body.
See you at Terminal 5!
"I'm probably going to die, but not anytime soon." Wild Bill Murrays couldn't drag us away.
Lady Gaga pulled double duty as host and guest of SNL, and took every opportunity she could to parody her over-the-top "artsy" image.
A flying dress, a new piece by Jeff Koons, and hot dogs were all a part of Lady Gaga's album release party in Brooklyn early this morning.
Did you hear? The VMAs are in Brooklyn this year and stuff.
She apparently rented out every single billboard in Times Square for her new video debut.
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