The fires are preventable and fairly rare, but they can be uniquely destructive.
Union lawyers said they suspect the move was retaliatory.
City officials won’t say how many of its more than 5,000 unvaccinated officers have received exemptions or termination letters so far.
Amazon labor organizers on Staten Island are gearing up for their second big test while the company is doubling down on its anti-union message.
Advocates for nursing home residents and the union 1199 SEIU held a press conference Friday afternoon to celebrate the rules taking effect.
Uber and Lyft have allowed fuel surcharges elsewhere, but are not allowing them for New York City drivers, who were given an unrelated pay bump following a local 2018 mandate.
New minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes were supposed to take effect in January. Hochul has already delayed enforcement three times.
The Oscar-winning actor said she wanted to show her support to workers hoping to form a union at the e-commerce giant's Staten Island facility.
There has been a flurry of high-profile union organizing in New York City in recent months. And as the U.S. economy struggles to fill open jobs, workers have a rare upper hand.
A majority of workers voted to unionize Wednesday night.
The Fair Pay for Home Care Act, which would raise the minimum wage for home care workers by 150%, now has enough backers to pass the New York Assembly and the Senate. But Gov. Kathy Hochul hasn’t lent her support.
Workers say a second union drive announced this week went ahead despite Amazon's heavy-handed tactics.
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