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Expect a more casual setting (and seating) than you'd find at the downtown Brasserie.

The classic silver diner could be demolished and replaced with a six story mixed use building.

Riding the wave of monumental success after its latest Miami installation, the SCOPE Art Show opened in New York Wednesday night. Here's a look around.

A month ago we learned that the scenester Nolita club La Esquina had opened up a new place in what used to be the unassuming local Williamsburg favorite Relish. Now it's open all the way, with a taqueria and garden.

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BitchcakesNY's Flickr Well, there goes the neighborhood! What was once an

Merrie Harris, global business director at ad agency JWT, was chatting

After the Buildings Department shut down semi-secret subterranean restaurant/tequila lounge La

ultraclay!'s Flickr A Barnard professor whose apartment is located maddeningly close

-noj-'s Flickr [UPDATE BELOW] Two very different bars with two very