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'It's so cold and depressing here; why shouldn't I seek a new life in Los Angeles?'

Artistically-minded NYers have become fed up with the financial (and emotional) restrictions of NYC, and have decided to take their social media talents to the West Coast.

Alec Baldwin, Chris Eigeman, and more tell me how to deal with moving to Los Angeles for a month.

Before you line up, there is are two catches to note: Ludo Lefebvre is only cooking in the Big Apple for one night only and it is not going to be cheap.

If we all drive around the block a few times in our Hummers, surely we can beat LA's high temp today!

Popular California coffee and baked goods purveyor The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will open its first location within weeks, with four more to follow in Manhattan by the end of the year.

An eight month investigation has led police to break up "one of the largest cocaine smuggling operations" in New York, according to the Suffolk County DA.

Los Angeles-based French chef Ludo Lefebvre is considering opening a place in NYC, even though it's a less interesting city than LA.

In Los Angeles, they now have a law fining people for harassing cyclists. Will NYC follow their lead, like with the restaurant letter grading?

LA-based coffee chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is apparently opening up three branches in New York over the next year, with the first one landing in Midtown.