L train unshutdown

Goodbye, L train! Come back soon!
And other details about alternative travel options are dribbling out as the shutdown fast approaches.
MTA leadership has walked back their commitment to allow a third-party monitor to review the scope of the plan and present their findings to the board.
MTA Managing Director Ronnie Hakim announced that were would be no car-free busway on 14th Street, no HOV lane on the Williamsburg Bridge, and limited improvements in subway service to make up for the disruption.
Contrary to the governor's prior statements, the new L train proposal will not come before the MTA board for approval.
Turns out, Cuomo's Big Idea was rejected five years ago by engineers and consultants as being too dangerous.
The L train shutdown might be cancelled, but the battle over what will happen with the city's proposed mitigation measures is only just beginning.
Byford, it's becoming increasingly clear, has as many questions about the plan as average New Yorkers. “We know a lot,” Byford told Gothamist, “but there’s still a lot we don’t know.”
For years, the MTA blamed the shut down on particle dust. What has changed?
Hold up. Why don't we need to shut down the L train anymore?
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