L train slowdown

"It remains to be seen if this is a band aid or a long term fix," the filmmaker told Gothamist.
The governor delivered the news from the depths of the Canarsie Tunnel under the East River on Sunday.
We hope the L train enjoys its long weekend!
Maybe we all just go back to bed and try again tomorrow?
At 6 a.m. an L train with mechanical issues caused delays that rippled to Bedford Avenue, where headways jumped from 9 minutes to 24 minutes.
An MTA official estimated that the M train had a 50% increase in ridership.
'It's a price to pay, but it's better than it being shut down [entirely] and causing even more problems.'
Night one of the L train slowdown left riders confused, frustrated and convinced the next 15-18 months will be more painful than previously thought.
'Whatever time you gotta be somewhere, wake up an hour earlier. And then another hour earlier.'
Service that works looks like an intricate ballet of precisely-timed arrivals and departures that can be brought to its knees at any moment by a misplaced trash train.
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