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"It remains to be seen if this is a band aid or a long term fix," the filmmaker told Gothamist.

The governor delivered the news from the depths of the Canarsie Tunnel under the East River on Sunday.

Passengers reported being stuck for close to an hour, with very little information coming from conductors on-board or the MTA online about what was happening.

'Whatever time you gotta be somewhere, wake up an hour earlier. And then another hour earlier.'

On second thought, Mayor Bill de Blasio will ban private vehicles on 14th Street.

Service that works looks like an intricate ballet of precisely-timed arrivals and departures that can be brought to its knees at any moment by a misplaced trash train.

'I think there are New Yorkers that are going to be at cocktail parties this weekend or barbecues, weather depending, and they're going to be discussing benchwall.'

MTA leadership has walked back their commitment to allow a third-party monitor to review the scope of the plan and present their findings to the board.

'We can't have changes like that anymore, we have to stick with what we planned.'

On Wednesday morning, a few dozen pedestrians power-walked alongside the M14 bus as it plodded along from Avenue A to the west side of Union Square.