L line

Both scenarios would also impact all L train stations in Manhattan.
Sorry, 14th Street.
The proposals under consideration could take anywhere from 18 months to seven years, depending on how quick and painful the MTA decides to make this.
In 1988, the Williamsburg Bridge was almost torn down and rebuilt.
"You will devastate the entire community...I will have to shut down all of my businesses, relieve all of my employees, and move, quite frankly, from Brooklyn."
Show up at 11 a.m. to air your grievances, because the L train will probably make you late for work anyway, right?
"Unfortunately we all knew this day would eventually come..."
Let the human bodies bundled by the shuttle bus stops keep you warm tonight.
The MTA announced that the L won't be running between Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave station in Brooklyn and 8th Ave in Manhattan this coming weekend.
A four-alarm fire that destroyed at least 12 businesses in the Bronx
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