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Almost every sketch had a Christmas theme, Wiig brought just the right effervescent energy, there was plenty of musical material and we finally got the ending to "Home Alone 2" we always deserved.

"These are just birth control pills painted green. Donald Trump can't take away what he can't find."

She also brought back a few of her recurring characters, of course.

She talked about her burgeoning stand up career ("I don't know if you'll get's about rocks and swords and stuff") and her favorite vacation spot (West Elm of the Shore).

Rudd was predictably likable as host of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend—and he brought along tons of guests, including Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Dave Koechner, Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen and One Direction.

Our enthusiasm for Kristen Wiig's return was cruelly beaten with a baseball bat of godawful recurring sketches over the course of last night's disappointing "Saturday Night Live."

Kristen Wiig wasn't the only one tearing up last night as she was given an emotional farewell by the SNL cast and crew—below, take a look at a small sampling of this outpouring of grief.

There was a lot of big stuff happening on last night's season finale of Saturday Night Live, including "Lazy Sunday 2," Mick Jagger playing bits of seven songs, and an emotional farewell to Kristen Wiig.

PETA has declared Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand THE Sexiest Vegetarians of 2011.