Hopefully one of the five inductees will challenge Mick Jagger to a fight.
After seven straight nights of chilling live performances, Kraftwerk, the mysterious German electronica pioneer, will conclude its impossibly sold out eight-night stand at MoMA. If you can find a way in, it's worth the headache.
We have not gotten into MoMA's sold out Kraftwerk shows this week, but that didn't stop other people from attending and thoughtlessly enjoying themselves without us.
Remember how Kraftwerk tickets went on sale for an 8-night run at MoMA, and pretty much everyone scored ulcers instead of tickets? Don't give up hope—you can still get in by being Volkswagen's bitch.
The CEO for the company that "handled" the "selling" of Kraftwerk tickets at MoMA has apologized for yesterday's debacle, but not offered to set himself on fire as a human sacrifice to quell fans' bloodlust.
Thousands of area Kraftwerk fans are wondering what's the German word for ticket fail today, after tickets for the eight night stand at MoMA sold out faster than you can say "shoot the glass."
Kraftwerk is back in NYC for the first time since 2005, with an 8 night retrospective at MoMA.
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