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Conflicting reports have made it unclear if longstanding bakery is closed or renovating.

Mayor de Blasio's free school lunch plan is under fire from Jewish groups across the city, who say the program's lack of certified kosher meals amounts to discrimination against 30,000 students in yeshivas across the city.

The synagogue says he stiffed them of $1.5 million after he agreed to partially finance a banquet hall in their new $50 million space.

Under the Compassionate Care Act, users aren't able to smoke the weed, but it can be made into capsules, oils or made into food, which is where the kosher seal would come in.

The two sides are locked in "a veritable falafel fatwa."

Alternate headline: Man Allegedly Pays $146 For Turkey Sandwich.

The museum, which has over 350 stuffed animals, has every animal mentioned in the first five books of the Old Testament, to give children a taste of that authentic fire-and-brimstone flavor.

Your favorite iToy is très traif, according to some ultra-Orthodox rabbis. But they've got kosher phones for you!

Turns out it's hard out there for a Jew, especially when "out there" is a universe dominated by Iced Venti Caramel Macchiatos.