Kosciuszko bridge

"The pressure is building, and people need a release. It's already happening. We can do it more safely, or we can pretend it isn't happening."
Excitement over the bridge's roomy 20-foot walking and cycling path has been largely dimmed by the realization that accessing the crossing remains treacherous.
The bridge cost $873 million and was the most expensive single-contract public works project in New York history.
'This has been accelerated, and accelerated, and accelerated again, we want to get it open because it's going to make a tremendous difference in the volume of traffic.'
'This is not some isolated empty corner of New York, it’s one of the busiest stretches of highway in America.'
An off-duty FDNY EMT was killed by a hit-and-run driver on the Koszciusko Bridge on Saturday night, police said.
After 78 years of carrying traffic between Brooklyn and Queens, the remaining span of the old Kosciuszko Bridge has been blown to bits.
The Governor calls the process an "energetic felling."
In case you were worried none of the Kosciuszko Bridge would get blown up, your can now rest easy.
On Wednesday, the middle span of the old Kosciuszko Bridge was unceremoniously dragged to New Jersey.
The bridge parties are now over, but we got a sneak peek.
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