The Secret Service had put out an alert on Prim after she allegedly posted threatening messages about Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton on Facebook.
Gotta watch out for the ol' crutch knife trick.
If you must travel with your butterfly knife, please pack it in your checked luggage, along with your replica hand grenade and 5 oz. bottle of conditioner.
Cops say 29-year-old Timothy Schiavo Jr.sent his bag through a security screener at a Terminal 5 checkpoint yesterday afternoon, and was reportedly set to board a JetBlue flight shortly thereafter.
Also still not allowed: novelty baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, ski poles and billiards cues, liquids exceeding three ounces.
Why was he carrying the weapons? Because he had just arrived in the NYC area, a "strange place" where he wanted to be able to protect his family and property.
What could go wrong?
Cops recovered two handguns, 26 magazines, 10,537 rounds of ammunition, 32 machetes, 60 knives, 16 air pistols, an air rifle, seven tasers, eight brass knuckles, nine batons and 10 handcuffs at his place.
Sometimes it seems like you have to be a rapper with brass knuckles to get arrested in airports these days.
A man tried to smuggle a knife onto a flight at JFK—and he might have gotten away with it too had he not decided to hide it inside another item he wasn't allowed to have.
People bring the darndest weapons with them when visiting the Statue of Liberty.
bushido photo's flickr The city murder rate in 2010 increased 13
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