Don't mess with crocheters.
It's up to you to heed the call for penguin sweaters.
Are you knitting fingerless gloves so you can still feel my chilled fingers against yours as we walk home from a screening of Annie Hall at the Film Forum?
It was a nice gesture, but the penguins don't need your sweaters anymore.
Penguin Service Announcement! The penguins need you, New York knitters.
Olek, she who adorned the Wall Street bull in colorful knit,
Photos via IMBY Move over Knitta Please and Olek (whose show
Photos via IMBY If you're an object without a knit, well,
Photo via NYC the Tumblr Magda Sayed and her team of
Magda Sayeg founded KnittaPlease in August 2005 in part due to
The rumor mill's in motion and word is that The Knitting Factory
Staten Island singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson found fame through the small screen before
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