Penguin Service Announcement! The penguins need you, New York knitters.
You know it is fall when the city's sculptures start bundling up.
A sweater of Bill Cosby wearing a sweater with Bill Cosby wearing a sweater on it.
Photo sent in by reader Eric. Remember the Icicle Audi of
Olek, she who adorned the Wall Street bull in colorful knit,
Photos via IMBY If you're an object without a knit, well,
On Christmas Eve at 2 a.m., street artist Olek adorned the Wall
Street artist Olek recently gave the Wall Street Bull a new
In honor of Fashion Week, KnittaPlease installed some of their crafty
Though not as impressive as this one, Lost City spotted a
NYC shop Moss has a sort of creepy novelty idea for those
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