The cat now lives with one of the cop's neighbors.
Make sure you warn your co-workers before you start watching the video below, because your squeals may lead them to believe you're having a very cute heart attack.
The arrow almost hit this cat's jugular and heart!
A Long Island woman was arrested after she "rescued" a sick cat from an Upper East Side bagel shop last week.
This week, the Flux Factory in Queens was host to Kitty City, a venerable meowtropolis designed specifically for some adorable, adoptable kitties who are looking for new homes.
Steven Patrick Morrissey turns 54 miserable years young today.
Today comes another nightmare story about a pet dying unnecessarily: a Massachusetts woman says that she brought her cat to a local animal hospital for a flea bath, and they mistakenly euthanized it.
Prepare for Chat D'ouevre!
Willow the cat "bites" the hand that feeds her.
A reader came upon the cute cat above in Clinton Hill this morning after Hurricane Irene came through town.
Meow Governors Island will be reopening for the 2011 season on
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