The ASPCA says, 'Fostering is a rewarding experience, and it directly improves the lives of shelter animals.'
Something depressing and revolting didn't happen yesterday in Brooklyn...
Nono the Frenchie has already fostered 17 kittens! What have you done?
So many people came out to adopt a pet on Friday that the ASPCA ran out of animals who were ready to go to a home.
Firefighters also recovered a brown rabbit from the blaze.
Two other kittens were also adopted.
A cat lingering on the subway tracks near the Nostrand Avenue A/C station in Brooklyn caused adorable delays for commuters shortly before 7 a.m. this morning.
Cats and kittens with so much love to give!
Police rescued the nine kittens you see above, who are all 3 months old, from an unhealthy living situation, and now the ASPCA is looking for permanent homes for them.
It was carrying an adorable kitten in her mouth!
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