Paul Stanley, frontman of the merchandizing collective known as KISS, who has turned the act of shrieking a city's name, mewling unsubtle sexual innuendo, and screaming the word "TEQUILLLLLLLA" into an art form.
The surviving members of Nirvana were joined by Joan Jett ("Smells Like Teen Spirit"), Kim Gordon ("Aneurysm"), Annie Clark ("Lithium"), and Lorde ("All Apologies") at Barclays Center last night.
The marauders even chest bump each other.
In the eternal words of Rush's Alex Lifeson, The Rock and Roll Hall of "blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah, blah? Blah blah blah."
KISS is in DUMBO. In suits. For some reason.
The lawsuit characterized the interactions between the two kids as "the summer romance that most teens yearn for."
The U.S. Bank National Association says the Artist Formerly Known as Space Ace owes $703,581.48, and that doesn't include interest and late fees.
Perry said, "I've always heard about Fleet Week in New York; I've never been a part of it. It's really exciting to see a lot of seamen in white, but they all look gorgeous."
Did you know that Gene Simmons went to a yeshiva in Williamsburg?
The Virgin Mary was defaced to look like Gene Simmons while the Baby Jesus was made to look like Paul Stanley.
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