Kips bay

'I think it's totally unacceptable anyone can be killed in an elevator in NYC in 2019. This is a completely preventable task.'
An FDNY spokesperson said that the man was 'caught between the car and the shaft.'
New York City's Office of Special Enforcement is suing a Manhattan real estate brokerage firm for $21 million.
Forget the 'As Seen On TV' chain-restaurant marketing: the NYC team is doing a fine job of making Cousins feel local.
A chain reaction crash caused by two drivers who both had suspended licenses sent an SUV careening onto the sidewalk in Kips Bay on Wednesday night, injuring three people including a pedestrian.
From the owners of The Up & Up on MacDougal Street, comes a new cocktail lounge in Kips Bay.
He's the consulting chef for recently-opende Tali and adjacent bakery Tali Dolci, both serving gluten-free Italian dishes and baked goods.
"You never expect something like this to happen so high up."
The tailor "left a trail of blood" as he stumbled out of the shop crying for help.
Some neighbors just bring over a casserole.
Police say he took $500 and then fled.
"After he cold-cocked him, he flashed his badge to the bouncer and left."
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