Kings plaza mall

Evon Stephens reportedly believed that "others used the parked vehicles for sexual activity."
As many as 130 Mercedes Benz vehicles may have been destroyed.
Cars reportedly caught fire in the mall's parking lot Monday morning.
A Brooklyn mall was evacuated Saturday evening after a teenage gunman allegedly opened fire in the Kings Plaza Shopping Center on Flatbush Avenue.
This happened outside the Kings Plaza Mall.
A clerk at the mall's kiosk let him handle the vape, even though he is only 14 years old.
Thursday's shenanigans were reportedly kicked off by a Facebook post calling for teens to out the Mill Basin mall "on tilt."
"It wasn't everybody's fault, so for you to just ban everybody 17 and under is drastic," said one of the teens who shot video of the pandemonium.
There was utter pandemonium at Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn yesterday as hundreds of rowdy teenagers (gasp!) ran wildly through the shopping center, screaming, roughhousing and allegedly shoplifting.
What started out as an ordinary Sunday shopping trip with his
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