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“We’d love to work together more than anything,” one reformer said. “But unity is not squashing dissent.”

"It really is disingenuous and shameful for the Brooklyn Democratic Party to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a guise to violate the election law and undermine the democratic process."

"Let me just say that if I were any more transparent, I would be arrested for lewdness."

"The processing of these cases exacts a cost on the criminal justice system and takes a toll on the individual."

Ken Thompson has renewed his campaign pledge to treat possession of as much as 15 grams of marijuana as a violation instead of a misdemeanor.

"All Kings County assistant district attorneys must live within the state of New York," Brooklyn DA spokesman Jerry Schmetterer says. Except they don't.

A custodian at Kings County Hospital Center has been arrested on

A hospital employee is being investigated for allegedly raping a male

In an extremely embarrassing incident for the Brooklyn DA's office, an audio