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In April, Mayor Eric Adams announced that he was adding another 100 spots to the 2,400 seats in the kindergarten gifted and talented program, and creating a third-grade option for an initial 1,000 students.

Brooklyn Heights parents are enraged that their local public school is too packed to accommodate many of their young Georginas and Marmalades, forcing them instead to commute to not-so-nearby Vinegar Hill.

At P.S. 87 on the Upper West Side, the acceptance rate is 3%!

Should "babies" be pushing their mathematical boundaries? Or should they be coloring some more?

Dozens of 4- and 5-year-olds were among those who were suspended: "It's hard to fathom any reason why nineteen 4-year-olds would be suspended from school by a competent educational system."

Vintage PS 107 kindergarten class photograph courtesy of Jake Dobkin If

This past week, Yale Law professor Amy Chua's controversial essay on

Parents, make sure your "back to school" shopping list includes pepper