"Daddy’s coming to my birthday, he didn’t bring presents," the young girl told a 911 operator, according to police.
"Every night I see police lights shining. The NYPD wants to make a point. I get it. I'm just not sure it's the right point."
The suspect may have been upset about getting fleeced by a girlfriend as well.
The victim was beaten—while she was pregnant— by the suspect in May.
"I do not remember how it happened,” the suspect reportedly said. “I must have hit her head with a heavy object. As I came back in the morning, she was dead. I covered her.”
The suspect in a grisly stabbing near Union Square this weekend boarded a flight to Mexico hours before investigators placed his name on a no-fly list.
In the past two weeks, two Camden, NJ children have been killed by people who allegedly smoked "wet."
The teen claimed he was acting in self-defense.
The suspect is an alleged Albanian gangster.
A portrait of a husband and father to young children, faced with financial issues and a past of minor run-ins with the law, has emerged.
A former soldier apparently died while in the elements.
Prosecutors noted how Jerome Isaac's injuries are "consistent with the images."
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