Bolivia Beck and Gary Davis (from Facebook) In a sad turn
The off-duty NYPD officer who was killed earlier this week in
Via Newsday An off-duty NYPD officer was killed in a messy
Laverrue's Flickr The Bronx will be getting another ghost bike: This
A 32-year-old man died on Saturday when he was struck by
This is the man who was fatally run over by a
Peter Ehrlich/ An unidentified man was fatally struck by a southbound
Axel Pablo There are conflicting reports about the cause of a
Victim Miguel Colon The enraged driver whose appalling mile-long rampage through
Three pedestrians were killed by drivers in three separate accidents in
Though his lawyer argues that a "vehicular malfunction" caused the crash
The death of 8-year-old Alexander Toulouse, who was cycling with his father
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