Kill bill

Killbar, a Quentin Tarantino-themed bar/restaurant, officially opened this week on South 4th Street.
The family of actor David Carradine, whose bound body dead in
Grindhouse (directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino): Directors and friends Quentin
Billy Bob Thorton sets aside his raunchy Bad Santa persona with his
This weekend begins the 42nd New York Film Festival presented by the
Tomorrow, untold numbers of Asians and others will be protesting the controversial
Hey, everybody, a little independent film called Kill Bill, Volume 2, is
Gothamist's favorite criticism of Uma Thurman's dress comes from Michael Gallagher, who
We should have known: Miramax's (assy) decision to release Kill Bill in
If it's movies awards season, it's time for Gothamist to be both
Roger Ebert answers many interesting movie-related questions every other Sunday as "Movie
Gothamist doesn't know how to take the 8/10 score we got on
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