The journalist, who is from Iran, said she would continue with her writing that is critical of the Iranian government.
Sources claim the teen was unhappy about her mother's desire to move back to Honduras.
Police say the teen was kidnapped.
"The car stopped and he said, 'Come, come over here, we have candies for you.' They started getting out of the car. And once they got out of the car, [the kids] ran for their life."
Police arrested one person and are looking for another.
He was arrested while walking his dog in Chicago.
He pleaded guilty to kidnapping and wire fraud, for false charges.
Leaders of the extremist Jewish sect Lev Tahor have been charged with kidnapping two children from upstate New York.
Federal prosecutors say Uber had charged the woman over $1,000 for the trip.
An UWS police commander called it "one of the strangest cases that I've been a part of in the 18 and a half years I've been in the NYPD."
A 27-year-old Bronx woman was driven 40 miles away from her home to a town in Connecticut, where her cab driver demanded sex in exchange for her freedom.
Police say the man grabbed a young girl's wrist and attempted to force her to walk off with him.
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