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It looks pretty promising, and you can support the filmmaker on Kickstarter.

They've launched a Kickstarter for the project, which includes tons of rewards with signed posters and records from the likes of Animal Collective, the Dirty Projectors and Vampire Weekend.

One of the city's best summer music festivals needs a little help raising funds.

The team behind the DIY venue announced a Kickstarter this morning, to help them renovate, get up to code and get the permits necessary to stay open.

While it's still scientifically impossible to raise the dead, the next best thing is to pay homage to Jerry Orbach by transforming a used sedan into a lowrider-style Orbach mobile

The Airbnb host and TV personality is also known for selling illicit lobster rolls as Dr. Klaw.

Food from Stars Hollow, in your kitchen.

Meet the new packaging-free model that one woman hopes will divert landfill waste and reduce our dependency on chemical-laden plastic containers.

If fully funded, it'll operate as a retail market, seafood-based ramen-ya and a space for omakase seafood and sashimi dinners paired with Japanese whiskeys.