Kevin sheekey

Today, the Post reported that co-owner Jim Caiola is former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey's brother-in-law.
Even though Mayor Bloomberg has repeatedly stated that he'll focus on
Mayor Bloomberg's right hand man is leaving his job at City
When Mayor Bloomberg gave an "oy vey" and expressed restrained indignation
In what sounds a little like a case of biting the
Caroline Kennedy may have been a hot mess with the press,
Of all the people for Caroline Kennedy's people to piss off, probably
Photograph of Caroline Kennedy and the Rev. Al Sharpton amid the
Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey has come out and said that he is
Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, who has spent many months (if not years)
Mayor Bloomberg's un-campaign for President is losing momentum even before it could
Mayor Bloomberg's continued insistence that he is not currently running for President
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