Kentile floors

A new $20 kit will fill your Kentile Floors void.
Relive the death of the Kentile Floors sign, it'll only for 4 seconds.
"Kentile is a great reference point for where we're going," Manifest Destiny's creator, artist George Del Barrio, told us. "There's no escaping the change in life. The trick is trying to learn to surf it."
Get over to the Smith-9th Street subway platform most ricky-tick to say goodbye to the Kentile Floors sign, which is finally being dismantled.
Sometimes you have to destroy a sign in order to save it.
So long and thanks for all the asbestos, Kentile Floors.
Can a Brooklyn Councilmember save The Most Precious Sign Of Our Time?
Scaffolding has gone up around Brooklyn's iconic rooftop Kentile Floor sign, and a Department of Buildings permit has been issued to "remove existing structure and sign by hand off roof.
If you didn't get a chance to get over to Gowanus and enjoy the 3D projection show last night, check out some photos and videos below.
Here's an important alert for anyone who likes sharing Instagramable moments: the iconic Kentile Floors sign in Gowanus will be lit up for one night only this evening.
A rumor that the Kentile Floors sign would be torn down appear to be unfounded.
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