Kent avenue

The restaurant had moved its longtime Williamsburg location to Kent Avenue two years ago.
This trucker found an amazing life-hack on Kent Avenue, and you won't believe what happened next.
"There's just narrow space between the gnarly rush hour traffic and that NYPD thing."
Police say Shaw, who was drunk at the time, went to the roof and attempted to climb down into the apartment through the kitchen window by holding onto hanging cable wires for support.
"She was drinking with her boyfriend all night," a source told the Post. "He locked her out. She went up to the roof and fell off."
The plan has already been approved by Community Board 1.
All the action begins at 5 p.m. and runs through 1 a.m., and food is served until midnight. Or you could just stay home and watch Bravo, or whatever, it's your life.
Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie The Dictator is now residing in the parking lot in Williamsburg.
Last night, we received an email from a tipster concerning the
JellyNYC—perhaps fed up with the politics and their "fake non-profit" overlords hassling
John Del Signore/Gothamist The bitter Williamsburg Bike Lane War is about
photos from Gothamist reader Sam Williamsburg cyclists got a new bike
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